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Yoga encompasses much more than just the physical postures (asana). It also embodies rich practices including breathing practices (prayanama), meditation techniques and ethical standards (yamas and niyamas). Traditionally, yogis had deep respect and connection to Mother Earth. Their yoga practice was viewed as a chance to commune with the Divine. 

nature was seen as sacred and as a guru or teacher

 (the 24 Gurus of Dattatreya). In modern times, we are at risk of becoming disconnected with the natural world. Living our yoga means embodying our practice in all areas of life. Aparigraha is the yama of non-attachment or non-possessiveness, and involves a high level of gratitude and santosha (contentment). Another important yogic precept is ahimsa, the yama of non-violence. Through minimizing consumptioin in a consumer culture, we can reduce our environmental impact. By living a simpler life, minimizing our usage of chemicals, replenishing the earth through composting and organic agriculture, we can live in harmony with Mother Earth.

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