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The Benefits of Savasana/Relaxation Pose.

Savasana or Corpse pose is the relaxation pose at the end of yoga practice. It's referred to as corpse pose because as the body stills, so does the mind. Savasana at the culmination of yoga practice helps one to integrate the effects of the previous asana and observe one's state of mind and breath. As one releases any tension or stress in the muscles, one relaxes and reaches a meditative state. It helps one to relax, reduces stress, decreases blood pressure and lowers your heart rate. Scientific research shows yoga improves blood pressure and reduces body weight, cholesterol, heart rate and triglycerides. Yoga and meditation, including savasana, helps to boosts immunity.

Research shows yoga and meditation reduce heart disease. Certain yoga positions improve the circulation of blood through the veins, arteries and blood vessels, which transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. As yoga integrates physical asanas (poses), breathing and meditation, so does this pose, savasana. The integration of the breathing and meditation in this asana reduces pressure on the heart and quiets the nervous system.

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