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Practicing Self-Care

What follows are some daily observations and activities I practiced recently as part of a self-care regime over the course of a week. Throughout the week in physical dimension I would eat a wellness promoting diet, consuming lets of water, fruits and vegetables, preferably organic where possible and preferably from my own garden grown close to home. I also increased my consumption of probiotics through fermented foods, such as kombucha and kim chi made from cabbage and hot peppers that I grew. I worked on correct breathing and ensuring that I got adequate sleep (at lease 8-10 hours a night). I would balance aerobic and anaerobic exercise, going for walks or doing my pranayama before meditation or integrating physical exercise into my work (walking up the driveway instead of driving or strengthening my core while vacuuming). I avoided the use of chemicals as much as possible (eating organic and using natural cleaning sprays) and abstained or moderated my use of intoxicants (I do like the odd micro-brew or glass of wine). I like to turn off the TV, radio and music and enjoy silence. Overall, the working on myself in the physical dimension increased my ability to relax. 

On the emotional level, I worked on being loving and kind to myself and others. I took time to myself to recharge, doing yoga and meditation, working in the garden and reading books in bed. During meditation I would watch my thoughts and gently let them go, like clouds passing by in the sky. Within the mental dimension, I studied and investigated different areas of interest, including raising chickens (2 of our hens have hatched babies, making fermented foods with excess produce and looking at other topics related to self-care). I had intelligent and intellectually stimulating conversations with friends around relationships, yoga and education and feel content sharing wisdom and experiences. On the social level, I’ve had friends from the States come to visit and have made them feel warm and welcome. Sharing good food and conversation, my cup felt full. I took time to share and time to talk and reflect, as I hadn’t seen my friend for six years. I hung out with my daughter and her friends, and also took time to catch up with their mothers at the local play group. 

Finally, in the spiritual dimension, I practiced mediation and took time for quiet and solitude. I had moments for reflection and connection at home in front of my altar or in nature. I accepted that which I cannot change, staying grounded in the moment and letting go pain of the past or worries of the future. I chose the present to let go and go with the flow. Waves of sadness was over me at times remember those who I have lost, but I take solace in other ways they are with me, like in the deep red sunset I saw the other night, knowing that our souls will meet again one day. I also read spiritual books. 

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