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Five Minute Meditation

Focusing the mind with this quick meditation.

Come to an upright position such as easy cross legged pose or thunderbolt pose (kneeling). Gently close the eyes or softly gaze in a few feet in front of you. Bring your awareness to the breath. Feel the cool air entering both nostrils, and travel with the breath, gently expanding the lungs and enter the lower belly. Feel the warmed air leave the nostrils on the exhalation. The breath is our anchor which we’ll gently bring ourselves back to when are thoughts wonder. Don’t try to control the breath, watch it and let it be. Be a passive observer to any thoughts that may come into the mind. Like watching the clouds overhead blow gently by in the wind, use the breath to blow the thoughts away and bring oneself back to the present moment. As you become more relaxed and the breath begins to slow down, notice the space between the inhalation and the exhalation - rest in this space. The last few minutes will be left in silence for the students to experience the practice of meditation. Namaste.

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